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Les Garrigues PDO (Protection Designation of Origin)

The Les Garrigues Designation of Origin has existed for more than 40 years, marking it as the oldest DO in Spain (1975). The European Union certified it as a Protected Designation of Origin in the year 1996.

The Les Garrigues PDO acts as a certifying Organization and is the one responsible for making sure that Extra Virgin Olive oil undergo strict production and processing controls to make sure that the origin and highest level of quality is maintained for the finest oils in the world. Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the LES GARRIGUES Protected Designation of Origin must comply with these quality standards:

Regarding acidity, you should note that the index does not refer to what you may think when hearing the word “acidity.” It has nothing to do with the flavor’s intensity. Instead, it is a parameter that refers to the proportion of free fatty acids in the olive oil, expressed as a percentage. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is of the highest in content of antioxidants & other beneficial biological components that fight against toxic free radicals which are the cause of many chronic diseases.

PDO regulations limits the maximum acidity in the oils to 0.5%, but all oils marketed by The Les Garigues PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil average less than 0.2% acidity, which makes our oil of a superior quality.

High-quality Arbequina olives are harvested directly from the tree (hand-picked) and used to make Les Garrigues PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The flavor of the oil comes from the variety of the olive, the climate, the soil ( concentration of calcium in the soil and location’s latitude ) and the growing practices of the farmers and the oil-pressing process. The soil in our protected cultivation small area is highly rich in natural calcium,   that combined with the autochthonous olive variety cultivated for Centuries, the land’s latitude, the hand-picking harvesting method and the cold-pressing process by mechanical means only (centrifuge) and bottling which occurs on the same day of the harvest, is what ensures our extra virgin olive oil to be one of the highest quality available today and for the past several Centuries -started during Phoenicians VIII B.C followed by Roman Empire III B.C-. This process is also the only one that guarantees the non-alteration of it’s natural biological and organoleptic properties. The only process ensuring the protection of all it’s natural active biological components.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained by cold-pressing the olives to preserve their natural properties. Les Garrigues PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil is guaranteed to be a 100% natural top quality extra virgin olive oil, considered the finest in the world, and considered to be an essential ingredient of the healthy Mediterranean diet.

The oil produced through this process is fruity and made from fresh, yellowish-green olives (the olives are greener when they are collected early in the season) with a dense “body” and the fresh scent of grass and leaves, with a hint of almond slightly bitter and spicy at the end. As the olive ages, the oil becomes more yellow and has a sweeter, more mellow flavor.

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