Our oil is made of 100% Arbequina olives, hand picked daily from the tree, at its ripest. They are taken to the mill by us without intermediaries. The oil traditionally is made by the pressing system, which ensures the preservation of the natural properties with both biological Organoleptic quality from freshly harvested olives.

Our oil is green in color during the start of the harvest campaign, as the olive ripens gets a golden color. The first oil that is produced is the fruity tones is green, with body and flavor with overtones of grass, green almond taste and a touch wild forest. Then as the season progresses oil turns golden and sweet, gets a taste and aroma of ripe fruit, retaining a slightly bitter and peppery finish .The Appellation vintage Les Garrigues renewed every confidence in our development and ensuring its seal certifying that it has passed all quality controls.

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