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Our land is highly rich in natural Calcium which modifies the soil’s ph, that contributes to the extremely low acidity of the oil and to it’s unique flavor. That, as well as the exceptionally perfect micro climate for Arbequina olive tree cultivation, our unique olive variety autochthonous of our region for several Centuries ( Phoenicians VIII B.C following the Roman Empire III B.C), it’s latitude and the natural process we use from hand-picking the olives to pressing them the very same day using only cold press by mechanical (and physical) means which is the only way to ensure the non-alteration of it’s high active biological components and nutritional value, makes our olive oil unique and of the highest quality in the world. It’s extremely low acidity, unique fruity flavor and healthy properties ( natural active biological content ) are unmatchable. The combination of all these factors are the reasons our product is guaranteed by Protected Denomination of Origin, and Protected Geographical Indication seals.


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