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First Cold Pressed Mechanical Process

The olives are hand-picked and the very same day we do the process until the finished product.

First the olives are cleaned and washed and rinsed until dry, than they are grounded. This paste is put through the centrifuge that separates the liquid (oil) of the solid (pomace). This whole process is carefully made following the high standards of the P.D.O. which is the only way to guarantee the non-alteration of it’s natural biological and organoleptic properties (antioxidants and other fundamental active biological content) the olives are always cold (always less than 27 degrees ) during the whole process ( to ensure they keep all properties and nutritional value ).
The oil obtained is stored in stainless steel scrubbers that is linked to the impurities that could contain and then filtered and bottled.

All Extra Virgin Olive Oils need to be “cold” pressed but this system we use using the centrifuge is the only system that ensures the lowest temperature and highest quality during the whole process, it is the only system the P.D.O. Approves. This system results into having much less amount of oil production from the olives but the highest quality possible, so in the Extra Virgin Olive Oils family, ours is of the highest quality, the purest, the healthiest and the best ( lowest in acidity and highest in essential nutritional components and antioxidants ).

It is a completely natural product, fruit juice, obtained directly by cold extraction of olives and solely by mechanical means under conditions that do not produce any change in the properties or provide any manipulation or chemical procedure. Which means that the amount of oil extracted is much less than using any other process.

Our facility produces extra virgin olive oil with Protected Designation of Origin Les Garrigues. This entails rigorous controls PDO production and processing to ensure the highest quality and origin of what is undoubtedly one of the best oils in the world.


With a maximum acidity of 0,5º, extra virgin olive oils are the highest category of extra virgin olive oils. Our oil is the highest in quality of this group, its acidity does not exceed two tenths (0.2 °) on average, due to the unique type of land ( high in calcium ), unique micro climate, unique olive variety, land’s latitude and the process we use to extract the oil makes our olive oil unique and of the highest quality in the world.

Our land is highly rich in natural Calcium which modifies the soil’s ph which contributes to the extremely low acidity of the oil and to it’s unique flavor. That, as well as the exceptionally perfect micro climate for Arbequina olive tree cultivation, our unique olive variety autochthonous of our region for centuries, it’s latitude and the natural process we use from handpicking the olives to pressing them the very same day using only cold press by mechanical means, makes our olive oil unique and of the highest quality in the world. It’s extremely low acidity, unique fruity flavor and health properties are unmatchable. Those are the reasons our product is guaranteed by Protected Denomination of Origin, and Protected Geographical Indication seals.

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