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Extra Virgin Olive Oil: The Liquid Gold

Extra Virgin Olive Oil isn’t referred to as liquid gold solely because of its color – it’s designated as such because of its many health benefits. Studies have proven that extra virgin olive oil can effectively help prevent cardiovascular disease and even some cancers. Scientists from the reputable Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, the number one resource in Biomedical research, discovered that Extra Virgin Olive Oil can help slow down the progression of breast cancer.

The researchers from UAB also found that to achieve maximum benefit from extra virgin olive oil, one should take in small quantities of the highest quality of extra virgin olive oil on a daily basis.

The color of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil starts out green because of the abundant presence of chlorophyll in the substance. It progresses to the acquired golden color due to Xanthophyll and Carotenoids – similar to the way leave change colors in autumn.

Slowing down and stopping cancer

Olive Oil is referred to as liquid gold because it provides several health benefits like prevention o Cardiovascular and Cancer deseases. A team of researchers led by Dr. Eduard Esrichs at UAB proved that there was a correlation between Extra Virgin Olive Oil and benign breast tumors. They discovered that olive oil slows the progression of cancer cells and reduces the activity of the gene responsible for creating more cancer cells by three different molecular mechanisms. Olive oil also helps protect DNA from damage. Extra Virgin Olive Oil also slows down the activity of the proteins that promote the endurance of the cancer cells. The more refined and processed the Olive Oil, the less beneficial active components are found in it.

Protection of the Endothelial Organ

Antioxidants are molecule that prevent oxidation. They appear as part of the natural preservatives in the extra virgin olive oil. The Endothelial organ weighs 3.5 kg, more than a liver or a brain but goes unnoticed. The Endothelial is the inner lining of the blood vessels and the heart. It acts as the cell wall, and can be damaged by two things – Superoxide radicals or Cholesterol. The antioxidants found in the extra virgin olive oil actually neutralize the Superoxide radicals before they have the chance to create damage, and by using a protective film it also fights Cholesterol. The monounsaturated fats found in the extra virgin olive oil prevents the Cholesterol from sticking, helping to cleanse the Endothelium and reducing the risk of stroke and vascular diseases.

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