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Extra Virgin Olive Oil & The Immune System

Research has shown that olive oil performs a very important role in the immune system.

What is the immune system?

The immune system prevents pathogens from invading the body neutralizing such organisms or substances.

The first line defense against microorganisms attempting to invade are Innate components such skin, mucus membranes, and the complement system – a group of about 20 proteins that the liver manufactures, plus other hormonal factors.

The B-lymphocytes, which make up the humoral system, and T-lymphocytes, which come from the cells system, involve themselves in defending the body as well and these are called Specific mechanisms, which involvement occur following the exposure to the foreign substance.

Innate components respond in similar way to the majority of microbes, whereas the Specific mechanisms respond in a variety of different ways depending on the microorganism invading.

Extra virgin olive oil & the immune system

Research shows that extra virgin olive oil intake reinforces the immune system against attacks by viruses, bacteria and microorganisms.

Researchers have known that mineral and vitamin deficiencies can negatively affect the immune system’s proficiency.

Recent studies show that the fatty acids that make up olive oil help to lower important immunological parameters, including the proliferation of lymphocytes.

These fatty acids also play an important role in various functions that involve the immune system such as regulating inflammatory processes and also in the regulation of the overall immune system, they help to effectively treat some autoimmune diseases as well.

Extra virgin olive oil & rheumatoid arthritis

Recent studies shown that there is a connection between olive oil and inflammation, and that olive oil helps alleviate the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis – a chronic inflammatory immune disease that affects the joints, the cause of which is unknown, but suspected to be possibly caused by genes, infective factors, hormones, and/or diet.

Recent studies also suggest that regularly consuming olive oil can even reduce the risk of developing this painful disease.

The authors of the study say that people with diets containing high levels of extra virgin olive oil had less of a risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis. People who consumed less olive oil were 2.5 more likely to develop the disease.

The olive oil inflammation study’s researchers say that 50 milliliters (ml), which is about 3-1/2 Tbsp., is equal to a 200-mg tablet of ibuprofen.


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