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Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Blood Pressure

Many studies have showed the blood pressure is largely dependent on diet. Certain foods can increase blood pressure and have an effect on a body’s weight.

What is high blood pressure?

High blood pressure, or arterial hypertension, occurs when blood pressure readings consistently land at more than 140/90.

High blood pressure is one of the most indicative factors of coronary problems. High cholesterol, cigarette smoking, diabetes and obesity are alongside high blood pressure as one of the most common health problems in well-developed countries.

Some other factors, such as lifestyle, can also contribute to high blood pressure.

Studies show that 1 in every 4 adults show symptoms of hypertension. This adds an increased risk of early death because it causes damage to arteries, especially arteries that provide blood to the kidneys, brain, eyes and heart.

Extra Virgin Olive oil & blood pressure

While researchers aren’t completely sure why the Mediterranean diet is responsible for reducing blood pressure, they have proven that adding olive oil to one’s diet, even a diet where nothing else changes, clearly lowers blood pressure. If one regular consumes extra virgin olive oil, studies have observed that one’s systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels will decrease, studies concluded specifically extra virgin olive oil causes this blood pressure lowering effect, specially from the Mediterranean regions.

Recent studies also showed that individuals who required medicine to control blood pressure required less medicine when consuming extra virgin olive oil on a daily basis, one of the causes may be the reduction in nitric acid caused by the oil’s polyphenols.

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