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About Sans Family

SSans Family is a small family run company with long history & tradition. Quality, honesty and fondness for a job well done have always been the fundamentals that propel our activity. Said activity dates back several generations, since the 18th Century.

Our primary objective is to offer the very best olive oil of the highest category that is obtained by natural and mechanized means, preserving the qualities & properties of one of the principle elements of the well-known Mediterranean diet.

We, ourselves, work the family land, harvest, press the olives and bottle the oil and send it to the consumer. Our olives are handpicked, cold pressed by mechanical means only and bottled the very same day. Only by this method is guaranteed the non-alteration of the olive oil’s healthy active biological components such antioxidants, and other nutritional value components.

Our production is limited and each bottle is numbered, which also contributes to the attention to the most minimal detail. “Sans Family” is FDA approved and operates according to the “Regulating Council of the Garrigues Denomination of the Origins” P.D.O. which is Internationally recognized for its high quality produce and efficiency in sanitary & quality control. We are very proud to offer our clients the very best 100% Arbequina Extra Virgin olive oil. Ours is an oil not only of highest quality but also the purest in the world, it’s extremely low acidity level and it’s high content in Polyphenol antioxidants and other beneficial components make this Oil not only a healthy and nutritious food but also a product of a high biologic content capable of preventing diseases and aid in their cure.

Our land is highly rich in natural Calcium which modifies the soil’s ph, that contributes to the extremely low acidity of the oil and to it’s unique flavor and properties. That, as well as the exceptionally perfect micro climate for Arbequina olive tree cultivation, our unique olive variety autochthonous of our region for several Centuries ( Phoenicians VIII B.C following the Roman Empire III B.C), it’s latitude, and the natural pressing process we use are the combination of factors that makes our olive oil unique and unmatchable.

Our land is part of the “Protected Geographical Indication”. This means that it is protected by unmatchable quality in the cultivation of olives. Also, our product flaunts the “Denomination of Origin” seal which guarantees that the product is native to the protected zone for cultivation and regulated by the higher quality standards.

The unmatchable quality of the extra virgin olive oil produced in our land, is well known to larger olive oil producers around the world, many “reputable” producers purchase most of the production of olive oil in our area year after year to increase the quality level of their production by mixing them together. Our family believes this practice to be morally wrong, as well as deceptive to the consumer. We pride ourselves on offering only the best product. We believe in the beauty of a healthy simple lifestyle and in the happiness and satisfaction that comes from a job well done united as a family, honoring our tradition.

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